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Incense Ingredient


Photo by David Oller

Syzygium aromaticum (L.)


Clove is an important ingredient in Japanese incense. Cloves are extremely stimulating and refreshing.


Clove is the common name for the tropical tree, Syzygium aromaticum, of the family Myrtaceae. The clove tree is native to North Moluccas (Indonesia) It was replanted to several other islands by the Dutch and later introduced to Zanzibar and Madagascar.


The clove tree is a evergreen with small white flower which grow in clusters. The flower buds are gathered and dried. Clove is used in the famous Worcestershire sauce and extensively as a spice in cooking.

Cloves are said to have antiseptic properties and are used as a preservative in pickles among other things. Ancient Chinese civilization chewed Cloves to sweeten their breath before talking to the emperor. Cloves and "Oil of Clove" have also been used as a mild anesthetic for toothaches. It could be one of Mother Nature's premium antiseptics!


© David Oller

Japanese: Choji

Clove Tree in Kalimantan          Photo by Kyozaburo Nakata




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