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Imagine Series

Imagine bringing the old foward into the new.  In Japanese it is called "Onko Chishin" and it is a very important concept in the artistic styling of Japan.

It originates with Confucius and translates:


          "If a man keeps cherishing his old knowledge, so

           as to continually to be acquiring new, he may be

           a teacher of others."


This is the idea Baieido brings into their Imagine series of incense.

#539 - Sandalwood


Sandalwood is perhaps the most relaxing scent of all time. Baieido uses only the highest quality Indian sandalwood in making this incense.

#169 - Wildflower


This floral bouquet was designed to bring you the aromas of the forest when the flower scent is fresh and clean.

#529 - Cinnamon


A traditional incense with a combination of sandalwood, clove, cinnamon, borneol and other natural herbs.  

#499 - Strawberry


This smokeless incense is infused with a wonderful aroma of fresh strawberries.

#299 - Green Tea


This smokeless incense is blended with pure ITO EN green tea.

#797 - Hinoki Cypress


This smokeless incense emits a refreshing aroma, using 100% natural hinoki essential oil.  

#599 - Coffee


This smokeless incense emits a wonderful aroma of a freshly brewed coffee with cream.  

#399 - Honey


This smokeless incense is infused with the full aroma of honey, using Baieido's traditional blending techniques.

#459 - Mint


Baieido has masterfully blended the natural essential oils of peppermint and the slightly sweet spearmint with exhilaration. This smokeless incense uses peppermint, which improves concentration and clears the air and spearmint, which is said to help recovery and relaxation of the brain after mental fatigue.  A refreshing blend of two scents.


Jinkoya Sakubei

Modern Incense

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