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Jinkoya Sakubei

The Jinkoya Sakubei series was developed as a tribute to Baieido's founder. During the Muromachi period (1338-1573), the founder of Baieido, Kakuuemon Yamatoya, became a wholesaler of medicinal herbs in Sakai City.  In 1657, He renamed himself "Jinkoya Sakubei" and specialized in selling incense ingredients and incense sticks. "Jinkoya" (Aloes wood trader) was a name specific to Sakai, only medicinal a wholesalers who specialized in incense were authorized to use this name. All boxes are 50 grams with approximately 150 sticks.

The formulas in this series are based on original recipes he developed. 

#236 Kokonoe Koh  

#246 Horyu Koh 

#256 Kunsho Koh  

Premium Incense

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