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Tobiume & Kaiun koh


Meaning "Flying Plum Tree".This incense is an innovative blend of agarwood, sandalwood, clove and cinnamon that pays honor to the traditional incense blends. 




#335 Tobiume flat box

(5-1/2 Stick, 45 grams)

Kaiun koh


Meaning "Opening the Door to Good Fortune". This is a very intense traditional incense with strong elements of aloeswood, borneol, camphor, cassia, clove and sandalwood. The sticks are a unique thick square design. A great combination of woods and spices!

#219 Kaiun koh small box

(5-1/2 Stick, 37 grams)



#222 Kaiun koh large box

(5-1/2 Stick, 170 gram)

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Floral Incense

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