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Shukohkoku - Premium Meditation


Syukohkoku is a best quality of large and flat box series. The scent is  mostly Vietnamese Agarwood, Indian sandalwood and other herbal materials as Patchouli, Cassia, Benzoin. The smell is not overbearing, it is a very elegant scent. You can enjoy this fragrance even after the stick is finished.
This is an incense with smoke.


570 Syukohkoku Large Box

(5-1/2" Short sticks, 170 gram)


571 Syukohkoku Long
(11" Long bundle, 75 grams)

572 Syukohkoku Small Box
(5-1/2" Short sticks, 80 grams)

575 Syukohkoku Flat Box (5-1/2" Short sticks, 50 grams)

Tokusen Syukohkoku

Tokusen is the same famous formula as regular Syukohkoku with the addition of extra aloeswood. Tokusen Shukokohku is a scent that brings together 300 years of the art of incense making.  It is a profound flavor of the finest incense.

583 Excellent Shukohkoku Small box
(5-1/2" Short sticks, 80 grams)

585 Excellent Shukohkoku flat Box
(5-1/2" Short sticks, 50 grams)


Tobiume & Kaiun Koh

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