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This incense holder set was made by a world-famous Japanese designer who combined incense from the over 400 year-old city of Sakai, in Osaka prefecture and porcelain from Arita in the Saga prefecture.


New Incense and Burners


This incense is loaded with high quality Aloeswood. Packaged in an elegant Mino Washi Japanese paper tube. Each tube contains 20 three inch incense sticks.  
Gallant features Agarwood,  Pure features Sandalwood and Healing features Lavender

Gallent Ensei.jpg
Pure Ensei.jpg
Healing Ensei.jpg


While this fragrance of this incense may seem familiar to lovers of Lavender Sawayaka and Jinko Kobunboku the scent is deeper and stronger than before. Utilizing a new blending method Baieido has created incense for lovers of strongly scented incense sticks. Each box weighs 30g and has the traditional  5 1/4 inch sticks. 

Zen Agarwood.jpg
Zen Lavender.jpg


This new incense is based on historically and culturally important people and landmarks from Japan.  Three Military Leaders, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, are credited with the gradually unification of Japan.  Osaka Castle stands in the great city of Osaka with its beautiful sprawling gardens and golden tea room. The newest addition to this collection is Akechi Mitsuhide. Each box weighs 30g and has the traditional  5 1/4 inch sticks. 

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